How do you design a digital showroom for an architectural ceiling mounting system, whose strength its products lies not only in it’s minimal beauty, but it's physical and tangible quality? 

We set out to solve this by putting painstaking detail into recreating the products in 3D, yet with intense focus on capturing all the subtle imperfections and characters of the various materials—the brass, the oak, the marble, etc.


The next challenge was to capture that photorealism in motion, so the products would animate while navigating through the products, adjusting the lighting, the materials and how the products moved.


Using innovative coding, we developed features that allowed the user to recreate familiar environments, soundscapes and lighting atmospheres with the products. 

Despite the heavy animations and 3D the performance or the digital showroom exceeded all expectations, which lead us to integrate it online, and make it widely available to the public.

Brand oneA - STORM SYSTEM®
Client oneA

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