Starting off as one of just a handful of companies in a little known community, SteelSeries has grown to be one of many companies fighting for market share. Since early 2015, we have been working with SteelSeries to develop and grow their brand and build a foundation for them to grow into a major global player in rapidly expanding market.


We started with re-aligning their visual identity and refreshing how they treat the visual representation of their products—pulling their focus from standard product photography and introducing them to high-end 3D renders, allowing them more flexibility when showing products in Print POS and Web.

Once the visual identity of the brand was solid, we began working with them on their communication through various product campaigns—shifting the brand’s focus from “product-centered” to “people-focused”. We tapped into SteelSeries’s large network of ambassadors and sponsors for real stories to driven the communication of the brand.


In early 2017, we helped SteelSeries launch the most innovative gaming headsets on the market. Through the combination of the brands evolution in visual identity, product development, communication and community outreach, the brand is now defining what the future of gaming will look like.

Brand: Steelseries
Client: Steelseries